Resume/Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Writing Guide, Skills and Samples for Various Professions

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Keywords That Will Place Your Resume At The Top Of The Selection Pool

For some reason, writing a description of ourselves and our life achievements is a difficult task. It is easy enough to recount our life to others, yet when it involves describing it with the aim of securing a job; suddenly the words to describe our talents escape us. Thus, the process of resume writing begins.

To make a resume which describes personal achievements in a manner that will get noticed, the power of words must be used, as the use of keywords can make or break a resume. Keywords consist of the lexicon that relates to ... Read more »

Including Salary on a Resume Is a Really BAD Idea!

Never include salary range in a resume or cover letter unless the potential employer has explicitly stated (within a job posting or advertisement or told you personally) that it is a required. Adding this information when it is not requested is the fastest way to get knocked out of contention for the position.

Salary is a sensitive and serious subject, and should only be discussed at the interview phase, once you have had a chance to determine what the position entails and the employer has a grasp on your abilities. You are in a ... Read more »

Find The Perfect Job In No Time

It’s about who you know, NOT what you know! But, what if you don't know anyone? Then what are you suppose to do? You suppose to go hunting and make contacts. When finding any job the first rule is to make looking for a job your JOB!

Finding a Job Is Your Job

If you are unemployed then you should put aside at least 6-8 hours of each business day for applying to jobs, making contacts, interviewing, and staying on top of your industry. This strategy will always award you a job in less time. Your goal sh... Read more »

Resume tips for health care professionals

As a health care professional, creating a resume for your field is somewhat different that all other corporate professional resumes. There are certain elements of professional experience and education that play a significant part in the health care industry and make a difference in attracting the employer’s attention. Therefore, to compose a winning resume as a health care professional, you will need to consider and include the following information:

- Indicate how many patients or clients you have taken care of. Wheth... Read more »

Why you need a resume even if you own your own business

As a business owner, you may think that having an up-to-date resume is not as important as it would be if you were actively seeking a new job. However, having an updated resume is critical for any professional, even if you are not looking for a job. Small business owners should have an updated resume in order to be able to share their professional experience with potential investors, vendors, clients, etc.

If you have a viable business idea and are looking to start your own business, it is important that you have a very wel... Read more »

Winning Ways At Interviews

Marketing communications copywriter Charlie Trumpess takes a humorous look at how best to tackle that age old terror, the job interview.

Let’s face it, job interviews are about as much fun as a hot wax with no anaesthetic. After all, attempting to showcase your talents to a bunch of strangers, usually against the clock and on someone else’s turf is not a natural act. Nevertheless, if you really want the job then you have to crack the interview conundrum. Giving ‘good interview’ is all about the three... Read more »

5 Tips to Prepare for that First ‘Real’ Job Interview

You have graduated high school or college and now you’re ready for your first ‘real’ job. You’ve mailed out résumés and have been called in for your first interview. How can you do well at the interview so you wind up being offered the job?

1. Dress professionally. No midriff shirts, low-cut blouses or flip-flops because you’re going to work and not the beach. While it’s not necessary to buy a suit, it is particularly important to look professional. If you’re trying to... Read more »

Do I Need a Resume or Curriculum Vitae?

If you're confused about the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV), you're not alone!

Both are job-seeking documents used to help you obtain a job interview with a prospective employer. Both resume and CV list relevant information about your background and your qualifications.

To add to the confusion about these job-seeking tools, many people use these terms interchangeably. What are the differences?

The Resume
A resume is an overview of your relevant work experience, ski... Read more »

Reviewing your final resume - what to look for and who to ask for help

One of the most commonly made mistakes in resume writing that many professionals make is not taking the time to proofread the document before sending it to the potential employer. While writing a resume is a time consuming process, not reviewing your final document with fresh eyes may cause your resume to end up in a recycling bin. To assure that all your efforts are not wasted, make sure that you take the following three steps to assure your resume is in top shape before it reaches your potential employer.

1. Proofread the... Read more »

Addressing the cover letters – avoid these three major mistakes

Many professionals spend hours writing and re-writing their cover letter. With each resume submission, we tend to revise our cover letter to make sure that it is personalized for the position we are applying for.

While we spend so much time on the content of the cover letter, we seem to disregard a very important and prominent area of the letter – the address line. Most mistakes in the cover letter are made in the address line. This is very problematic as this is the first piece of informatio... Read more »

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