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» Add Web Resume/CV to your toolkit today and get ahead of the rest.

In this age of technology a Resume/Curriculum Vitae(CV) put together on an old typewriter and sent ‘snail mail' is not good enough.

A web Resume/CV is simply a copy of your Resume/CV produced as web page that can be accessed via the Internet rather than held on your PC at home. It is an ideal addition to your job hunting toolkit if you intend to spend any time away from your PC.

Imagine being away for the weekend, whether on a wild trip to Amsterdam or a cosy hotel in Paris.  
 You pop into an Internet café to find the nearest Italian restaurant and browse the web to use up the rest of your pre-paid time. You come across the perfect job! With a Web Resume/CV you can send an email with your Resume/CV Web address (and maybe password) link to the prospectic employer or recruitment agency and they can view your Resume/CV immediately. Indeed, whether you are moving house, taking a gap year abroad or travelling extensively in your current job you can give employers and agencies instant access to your Resume/CV and you can apply for any vacancy at any time.

With a Resume/CV Web page you can ring employers or agencies about a job advertised in the local paper and instead of just sending your Resume/CV by post a few days later, why not give them your web address and password over the phone? They can look at your Resume/CV while you are still talking. You will be remembered for being innovative, professional and efficient.

Even if you apply for a vacancy via email you can include a link to  
  your Resume/CV Web Page or add it to your covering letter. Employers in every line of business use computer technology to a small or larger degree. A Web Resume/CV will show employers and recruiters that you are aware of and embracing the latest technology.

Add a Web Resume/CV to your toolkit today and get ahead of the rest. My team can help you, click to reach us now.


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